Soccer Heroes


Soccer in the style of Captain Tsubasa


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Soccer Heroes is a peculiar soccer game that, instead of featuring a traditional gameplay like FIFA or PES, uses the style of Captain Tsubasa III for Super Nintendo, in which players can make decisions by turns as the game develops.

In Soccer Heroes you can set up your formation as you please, level up players so they improve their skills, and even require backup to strengthen specific parts of your team. That said, the best thing about it starts only when the ball hits the ground.

During the match the players move automatically in the direction of the opponent, which you can see on the mini map on the lower side of the screen. At any time, you can press on your player to pass the ball or kick it into the goal.

When you don't have the ball and your opponent is attacking, you can try to take it back in many different ways: intercepting it, holding your position, or diving to attack the ball.

Soccer Heroes is an outstanding soccer game. Thanks to its anime-like graphics and its gameplay, those who like Captain Tsubasa (and Oliver and Benji) will definitely love it. Those who don't will probably still find it to be a good game.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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